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Drums and vocals. Drums and vocals.

Nail those two elements and the rest of your mix just might fall into place.

From rock to hip-hop to metal, effective sounding drums with an impact are essential. Many producers have their own signature drum sound. One way they create that sonic signature is by creating and harnessing their own drum sample library.

  • You will end up with at least 19 samples.
  • Optimize the mic pres and headroom.
  • Use studio time to experiment with different preamps and microphone combinations.
  • Make sure your bounce of each sample does not cut off the decay.
  • Bounce our each sound individually and label accordingly.  Edit samples to start just before the transient. Collect final samples in a new folder on your CD/DVD.


Also, for a richer, more authentic sound, combine a close mic with a room mic


  1. Create 4 vastlydifferent but usable kick drum samples.
    1. Try inside the drum (lots of attack)
    2. Try middle of drum
    3. Try just outside port
    4. Try outside (less attack, more tone)


  1. Create 4 vastly different but usable snare drum samples.
    1. Experiment with different preamps and mic combinations.
    2. Also, try combining a close mic with a room mic more a richer, more authentic sound
    3. Near vs far
    4. Dynamic, vs. condenser
    5. Direct hit vs. side stick


  1. Sample the hi-hat. Again, usable.
    1. Closed
    2. Semi-open
    3. Open
  2. Create one samples for each of the toms (High, Mid & Floor tom)
  3. Create 3 samples for the ride cymbal (edge, middle and bell)
  4. Sample two crash cymbals


1) 19 Edited, labeled & bounced samples

2) Your complete PT session - Label each track with the mic and pre combination.

3) Take at least five photos of your session and include in your final folder.


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