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My spring break wasn't too spectacular. I was too poor to go to SXSW, I've lived here my whole life so i didn't go back home to visit family, and i didn't go to any shows. But what i did do was play guitar. A lot. I learned how to play dive bombs, learned a lot of Bullet For My Valentine songs, and wrote a few small riffs, and listened to a lot of music. 

This is pretty much what i do on a daily basis anyways.

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Dive bombs bring good feelings to the soul...

I would agree with that 100%. I watched a video on YouTube where Dimebag taught the viewers the three ways to play dive bombs. It was a great video.

What is a dive bomb?

A dive bomb is when you hit a harmonic on a guitar (artificial or pinch harmonic/natural harmonic) and you drop your whammy bar down. You need a guitar with a Floyd Rose and a lot of gain to get the best sound.

O ok. Yea I don't have one of those.


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